Badgers – Road Traffic Accidents

Have you come across a badger killed on the road? Please tell us about it.

IMPORTANT: It has come to our attention that in some cases, badgers are being shot and the carcasses then left by the roadside to appear as road traffic accidents. If possible please check any carcasses you find for suspicious signs such as apparent bullet holes and report this when submitting your record.

Please use the mammal recording form to send us your RTA record.

Photo: Colin Varndell

Injured Badgers

An estimated 50,000 badgers are killed on roads in Britain every year. However, some escape with injuries – some slight, some severe.

If you come across an injured badger take time to access the situation from a distance. Approach slowly talking to the badger. Test its reactions with a stick (rubbing it along the head towards the nose twice).

Cover the badger with a blanket, including the head. Call the RSPCA emergency number 0300 1234 999 and/or a local vet for assistance. It might be best to ring the vet first because there is a procedure whereby, if a local vet has agreed to look at the animal, then the RSPCA may agree to cover the costs involved.  However, if this fails, the Dorset Mammal Group will cover the vet’s bill.

If the badger becomes agitated or attempts to escape, retreat and monitor from a safe distance.  You should attempt to collect and transport an injured badger only if you are very confident; otherwise, if the vet is unwilling to attend and the RSPCA unable to respond themselves (very unlikely at present – 2016), then please ring Dorset Mammal Group on 01300 644745 and we will try to help.

Please report the incident using mammal recording form.

Dead Badgers

We collect details of road casualties to identify “black spots” so please help us record the location of dead badgers in Dorset. You can use our mammal recording form to send us your reports.  This has replaced the previous RTA report form and has the advantage of displaying a map (with optional aerial photography) for ease of locating the site of the casualty. Please enter a description of the casualty and, if it is safe to do so, please also check if the badger has any distinctive signs or tattoo marks on the abdomen.