Badgers – Sett Recording

New (2013) arrangements for sett recording have been agreed with DERC. We have re-designed the existing sett record card, now available here and request that they are returned to us either as hardcopy by post (address on card), as emailed and modified pdf files, or scanned and emailed. Key attributes will be copied to our database and a unique identifier assigned; this will then be added to the card. The scanned cards and the database will be copied to DERC at regular intervals for archiving.

The existing database is much in need of updating and extending; it is likely to contain much less than half of all the setts out there. So, even if you think it likely that your local setts must surely have been recorded, please visit them and complete a card. Even if it has been recorded before, we are interested in any changes that may have taken place. The back of the card includes explanatory notes which will help in completing it.

Due to the possibly sensitive nature of sett location information we are not presently envisaging the publication of any map on this website. However, mapped information will be provided to any member – just email with details of the area you are interested in.