Dorset Mammal Atlas

The Dorset Mammal Atlas is a joint venture led by Dorset Mammal Group in collaboration with the Dorset Environmental Records Centre, the Dorset Bat Group and MARINElife.  It comprises a set of ten pdf files with a further file specifically for those who wish to print the whole thing (see the last part of Section 1).  The atlas is designed to be used online OR it can be printed and used in a loose-leaf binder as illustrated.  We did it this way so that it will be easier to revise and update (particularly the distribution maps) in future.

The ten files of atlas content are accessed via the table of contents.  Read the introductory remarks above the table and start exploring the atlas. You will see that you can return to this website page via a link at the bottom of the table.

Finally, this is a new venture and we are still looking at ways of improving the presentation: if you experience any difficulties* in accessing it, or have any other comments, please let us know at

* One thing we have noticed is that, depending on the way your browser is set up, you may find a new tab opens every time you go and fro within the atlas. We are looking at ways to prevent this. Meanwhile, be prepared to delete unwanted duplicate tabs!

Another side effect of using our Dropbox account to view atlas content is that annoying advertisements may appear on the screen. Users might wish to consider installing a free ad blocker to remedy this.