Other Mammal Species – Introduction

The mammal accounts in this section are designed to highlight the species of mammal occurring in Dorset and to show their distribution in the county based on submissions to the Dorset Mammal Atlas. They are not designed to provide detailed overviews of each mammal, as these are readily available elsewhere, but more to give a brief overview of each species with a map of the distribution in Dorset with some suggestions on where to see some of the commoner mammals in the county.

The information, including nomenclature, is largely drawn from the excellent and highly recommended Mammals of the British Isles Handbook, 4th edition Stephen Harris and Derek W Yalden. Information on recent records in Hampshire is drawn from The Hampshire Mammal Group Mammal Report 2001-2010.

We hope that publication of these maps will encourage more people to submit records for the atlas project. We will shortly be providing details of how to use a new recording programme Living Records but in the meantime please send your mammal records to Dorset Environmental Records Centre, Dorset History Centre, Bridport Road, Dorchester Dorset DT1 1RP, email enquiries@derc.org.uk

Please remember that records of dead animals help build up a picture of a species’ distribution so even records of road casualties are worth reporting.