Otters – Videos

In this section of the web site, we include only records of otters from Dorset. Anyone who has such a record and would be willing to share it, please contact us.

The One Show feature on Blandford otters (2011):

More otter footage from the River Stour (2011):

Feeding on a pike, Blandford by Mike Hannon (Jan 2013):

Radipole Lake in March (2010):

Radipole Lake (2009):

Some amazing footage from Jason Fathers of otter activity under Walford Mill on the River Allen (Wimborne) in 2007:

Camera trap records (like some of those included in the Jason Fathers link above) tend to be short (the camera is fixed, the otter in a hurry!) but create an excellent record not just of the passing of an otter but also, possibly, of its sex and age too.

An example from the south end of Sutton Bingham reservoir (Paul Burkhardt):

…and one from a fish farm near Burton Bradstock (Steve Kourik):